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Certified practitioner in energy care, foot reflexology and essential oils since 2016. Sessions in the office or remotely.

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soin énergétique Lahochi


soin énergétique Access Bars, rééquilibrage

I have been interested in Chinese medicine and mind-body wellness since 1988.

Specialized in energy rebalancing treatments, I offer to accompany you 

with listening and kindness for physical, mental and emotional relief. 

The Alchemy of the Body is a space where the being and the body feel in total confidence and allow the barriers to open; one recognizes that the past is no longer real to let go of these locked energies…

Inspired by oriental medicine, energy treatments unravel blockages at the physical, mental or emotional level. For what effects? Strengthen your well-being to optimize your state of health and preserve your daily vitality. 

Welcome to you on this site!

Soins de rééquilibrage énergétique. Access Bars Activation de 32 points sur la tête
Soins énergétiques Lahochi
Réflexologie plantaire

I offer you an energy treatment to harmonize your energy structures and thus allow an energy rebalancing of the chakras, meridians (energy channels) and the biological field or aura to activate the process of self-regeneration, rejuvenation, strengthening of the body. 'organization. And promote physical and mental balance


Trained in different methods, I offer you tailor-made support with Quantum Touch breathing. 3 close sessions are generally more effective. 

Energy and spiritual care

Care by vibratory technique aims at the harmony of the holistic body. It is first a moment of relaxation that we offer ourselves in which the universal energy acts in order to harmonize all of your different bodies. The treatment is practiced according to a specific protocol then in "Channel" of light is added what may come at the time of the session. 


Global purification of the being, cleansing and activation of the chakras, refocusing and  alignment of the aura, rebalancing of energy flows. 3 close sessions are generally more effective. 

Foot reflexology

Plantar reflexology is a holistic technique that considers the foot as the miniaturized representation of the human body and everything that composes it.

Each reflex zone corresponds to an organ, a gland or a specific part of the body.

Gentle crawling pressure (Ingham method) is applied to these reflex zones to locate tension and restore balance in the corresponding body parts.

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