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I can organize a tailor-made training for you on the day of your choice, in the place of your choice

Atelier Huiles Essentielles
Atelier Huiles essentielles, Atelier Réflexologie plantaire

Access Bars


In attendance €300 (€150 if revision)

1/2 Price from 16 to 18 years old

Free up to 15 years old

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1 Session: in person €150 / remotely €110

This initiation is accessible to all. No prerequisites are necessary.
Limited places: 2 or 4 registered per session.
A deposit of 50€ will be requested to validate the registration,
Initiation available remotely, one day at your convenience.

You will learn how to improve your level of Wellness, Health, Energy, Vitality on a daily basis and to boost your vibratory rate to bring back more Peace, Joy, Pleasure, Harmony, Balance in your life.

This is the key to a more Fulfilled and Aligned Life. To attract Prosperity and Positive Abundance.

This is why it is essential to know how to boost your vibratory rate and maintain it every day at a sufficiently high level to preserve a good balance.

Being aware of this and practicing a regular energy routine allows you to regain control over your State of Well-Being and to become the Best Version of Yourself again.

Thanks to this training, you will have at your disposal a powerful energy tool. It will allow you to simply, easily and quickly develop your energy potential, your extra-sensory abilities. It will activate your natural self-healing abilities of body and mind to do you good at will but also to help others.


The LaHoChi brings a real balm to the heart which allows us to access a delicious state of letting go. A cocoon that brings lightness and confidence allowing us to better align ourselves. It allows us to access acceptance, the next stage of our evolution, the quality of sleep, the ability to love unconditionally without attachment, with compassion.

The LaHoChi energy is powerful with a remarkable sweetness. We have the feeling of being surrounded by love. Its protective seal ensures a bubble of daily comfort.


  • The setting in resonance with the LaHoChi energy.

  • Theoretical and practical teaching (self-treatment, treatment on others, remote care, care for animals, initiation in the presence or at a distance). Booklet provided.

  • Anchoring and Rooting.

  • 21 days of self-treatment

  • Practitioner and Teacher Certificate.

  • Also, in a context of follow-up, workshops or exchanges offered to practice.

La Ho Chi
Triangl dore d'isis
Isis 2.jpg

Golden triangle of Isis


Remote - 90€


This is a very powerful ancestral energy – a gentle yet strong energy of peace and love that works primarily on the feminine aspects.

This training is therefore aimed at both men and women and makes it possible to repair the sacred feminine in oneself while bringing the balance of masculine and feminine...

The Golden Triangle is a spiritual system that can be used for intense healing and for spiritual growth.

Receiving an initiation or a healing treatment from Isis, a restorative and beneficial treatment, invites you to awaken the Goddess who slumbers within you, to reveal your full feminine potential,

to stimulate your creativity and create a new life more consciously, gently, lovingly and kindly.


This soft and strong energy makes it possible to eliminate, to forgive, to release transgenerational memories.
Once you are initiated, you can activate this energy to heal yourself or others.

The Golden Triangle can be used remotely,   directly, on oneself and in combination with other energy systems 


• Learn to connect to the Goddess Isis

• Introduction to the Golden Triangle

• 3rd Eye stimulation exercises

• Use of the symbol in the 3rd eye in order to increase
telepathic and spiritual abilities

• How to transmit the initiation

• Care for oneself and for others

• Guided meditations

• Discovery of the Oracle of Isis


• Purifies and heals issues related to the sacred feminine.

• Balances, harmonizes and recharges each chakra

• Purifies blockages related to female sexuality

• Releases and heals our dark aspects

• Reactivates the connection to our femininity, our sacred sexuality and our inner Goddess.

• Cleanses the subconscious to allow for the establishment of new agendas, thoughts and beliefs

• Releases the cause of our discomfort, our fears, lack of love, etc.

• Stimulates creativity


Individually on an afternoon: 110 euros
On request (contact me for conditions)

In a group for one day: maximum 4 people: 110 euros

Remote 80 €

For individual training. Thanks to contact me.

Formation à distance

Distance learning

At first the manual in PDF format is sent by email. The person takes the time to read the manual and write down all the questions.

We then reread during the meeting the main parts of the manual to integrate it well.

This appointment is agreed together, by zoom,   Skype or telephone , of a date and a time in order to answer questions and carry out the initiation .

After answering the questions, I propose to the student to place himself in a comfortable position in a place where he will not be disturbed for about an hour in order to receive his initiation.

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