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Réflexologie plantaire 
Massage métamorphique . mémoires/naissance

Séance de Réflexologie plantaire

Foot reflexology

Plantar reflexology releases the body's self-healing faculties. Its objective, among other things, is to relax, to regulate homeostasis: a process of self-regulation (that every living being has in itself) which contributes to natural healing, reflexology makes it possible to effectively activate this process), to activate circulation and act on all stress-related manifestations by stimulating matching reflex points. 

This technique is for everyone (babies, children, adults, pregnant women, athletes and the elderly).

Why choose plantar reflexology?

For a health problem already diagnosed and undergoing allopathic treatment,

  • For a recurring symptom (examples: fatigue, allergies, eczema, psoriasis, herpes, migraines, constipation, painful periods, secondary amenorrhea, etc.)

  • For back pain, sciatica

  • For sleep disorders, stress, feminine disorders…

  • In case of professional exhaustion (burn out)

  • Just to relax

Massage métamorphique

Metamorphic Massage

The metamorphic massage, using gentle passages of the fingers in the reflex zones of the feet, hands and head, allows these absorbed memories to be released, setting vital energy in motion, awakening the self-healing power of the body and allowing this life force to initiate the changes necessary to initiate the changes. It gives access to the recognition of obsolete mental and emotional patterns, in order to accept and transform them. The metamorphosis technique allows an energy harmonization and a release of cellular memories.

Conseils et Ateliers Huiles essentielles

Essential oils

Boutique Les Huiles dedicated to small producers - The luxury of the artisanal tradition from 2016 to 2020 in Paris. For each season, I offer you a selection of organic essential oils from small producers and recipes, tailor-made compositions for your specific needs. 

Useful products – beauty and well-being, in line with the needs of the different months of the year.  Choice accompanied by advice, recipes and tips that will allow you to enjoy a unique experience with effective natural products. Sale in cabinet and sending Colissimo.

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