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Energy and spiritual care

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The Lahochi for both personal and spiritual development. The very high energy vibration that brings the Lahochi, allows us, gradually, to increase our vibratory rate and by the same our consciousness.

Energy and spiritual care offered in the office or remotely.


LaHoChi energy harmonizes the vibrational frequencies of all our chakras.

  • Better circulation of vital energy,

  • Dissipation of energy blockages and imbalances at the level: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional,

  • Increase in the vibratory rate,

  • Strengthening of the immune system,

  • Development of psychic, sensory, intuitive and meditative abilities,

  • Active and harmonious stimulation of the natural self-healing capacities of body and mind,

  • Re-harmonization of the chakras and meridians,

  • Deep relaxation and dissipation of stress, anxiety and strong emotions,

  • Rebalancing the subtle energies of the body,

  • Increased vitality and overall well-being,

  • Elimination of toxins,

  • Pain relief


and you can then follow the training-initiation.


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Introduction to the golden triangle of Isis

Golden Triangle (or Golden Triangle) Healing System

Presence or remote transmission

Initiation of the Goddess Isis 

Transmission of Ancient Egypt  

This energy was (re)discovered in 1986 by James Purner after he had two visions which informed him that he was to be called upon to help people with their emotional, spiritual and physical problems. The Golden Triangle is a spiritual system from Ancient Egypt in connection with the Goddess Isis. 

It activates the personal growth of the Initiate and is used to work in healing sessions because it is a very powerful healing tool.  

Once you are initiated into this energy, you can use it for yourself or others by activating this energy. 

The Golden Triangle can be used for distance healing, live healing, self healing and in combination with other healing energy systems 

A symbol is taught in this system and an initiation is imparted.   


  • To connect with the Goddess Isis  

  • Third eye stimulation exercises  

  • Using the symbol in the third eye to increase telepathic and spiritual abilities,  

  • Treatments by connecting to the energy of the Golden Triangle,  

  • The Transmission of Initiation,  etc. 

  • The Initiation to the Golden Triangle is preferably transmitted to people who have already made a personal journey and who have already received initiations.



Gifts of Love from Lady Nada / Care and transmissions

For Healing the Heart and Freeing the Soul Wound of Abandonment

For Healing of the Heart and Release of the Soul Wound of Abandonment. The Energy transmitted during Initiation is Unconditional Love. It is Universal Love and Divine Love from the Divine Source. 

Master Lady Nada will introduce herself and place the healing energy into your Heart.

The flow of love will radiate in the Subtle Bodies. The Rays of Love diffused during this process make it possible to let out the sorrow, the sorrows, the wounds, the angers and to release blockages related to the not love for oneself. The Symbol makes it possible to decrystallize rancor and lack of love by working on three levels: Physical, emotional and spiritual.

The Symbol will be deposited in your Heart during the initiation and you will carry it in all your Bodies definitively, throughout your life. You can re-activate it at will.

The Energy of Master Lady Nada brings comfort to children, couples and people in need. It awakens in Being the state of compassion and generosity. It is the emergence of the Energy of Mary Magdalene. The emergence of feminine energy and the Sacred Feminine.

Through this initiation, you will also contact the plans of the Ascended Masters who will renew the Love they bear for you and awaken this Love that you bear within you.

Initiation offered, in person or remotely, during an energy treatment with Lady Nada's Gifts of Love.

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